This Too Shall Pass

“These days it’s hard to get up, some doors are better left shut. Maybe I’m thinking too much these days.” -Sinclair lyrics

It is. There are days that it’s just hard. Life is hard. The past is hard. The thought of the future is unknown and hard to imagine.

It becomes hard to listen to people that say, “it’s going to be okay.” “I know it’s hard but you will make it.” What do they know right? They haven’t been through what you’ve been through. & even if they had, how do they have a clue how you actually feel.

There are nights that the universe or whatever it is sends those dark thoughts through your mind. Those thoughts sometimes like to make you think that it will never get better, there is nothing out there to make it better.

But somehow, someway we get to decide our own fate. We get to push dark thoughts, if not out, then away. We make it through another day and one day you look back and realize it has gotten, if not the way it was before the darkness than at least different and better than that dark place you got sucked into.

So I challenge you to be a “Mur(wo)man.” Be the one that fights yourself for your own happiness. Be the one to find happiness. Pain doesn’t simply go away, but something your mind doesn’t like to tell you is that it can coexist with happiness.

What is something you are having a hard time with right now? What is something from the past of the future you can’t seem to move on from?

“In a world full of humans, be a Mur(wo)man.”

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