I think the luckiest..


We all have hard times right? No matter if you and me have been through the exact same heartbreak, it effects both of us differently. One of us may turn to drinking/drugs/self harm, while the other might turn to community service/giving back/not taking one moment for granted. We might have little to no change.

We can look at some people that seem to have everything, but in their eyes they are lost and lonely. They are draining by the day and not sure how to refill themselves. Then there are those we look at that we know can’t have much, yet they are smiling and serving others without giving it a second thought.

It might be hard to control which we are, but you can. I feel personally, I have been down both roads and though filling yourself up may feel draining, that day that you realize you have bloomed, you are all of a sudden like a plant that barely needs watering, like a peace lily. Then a great thing happens, you have all this extra life to spread to others that need it. which is where I feel like I have finally found myself.

If you were a flower, which would you be?

Be a Murwoman: be the luckiest




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