Blow Their Mind

“Blow their mind with your storm

that was never in the forecast.”

As humans we are capable of more than we imagine. We live our day to day life and it becomes comfortable. We are content, but is there more?

If you really dig deep, what is it that you truly want? Don’t think about it, don’t talk yourself out of it. First thing that comes to mind, the possibilities are seriously endless.

Now whatever it is, work toward it, every day. Whatever it is, it won’t happen tomorrow or even next week. If it could, you would have already done it by now. Even if it is a little every day, do it. Then one day you will see that your goal is just a day, week or month away.

Blow not only your mind, but theirs. They might be the ones that didn’t believe you could or the ones that you want to inspire to do the same. Others will feed off of your fearlessness and strength.



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