The Best Dreams

The best dreams we have in this life do not come behind closed eyes. They come with eyes wide opened. Eyes glued open by coffee and inspiration.

Everyone has something that they crave more than anything else. A percentage of those people give up on it pretty easy, they grow older and they wonder why they didn’t try harder. They become bitter at the world for what they didn’t take the chance on.

The whole other percentage are those that don’t give up. Those people may never reach that goal but one thing they never lose is hope that it will happen. Those thoughts are what keep us going. Those thoughts are what make us Murwomen. We refuse to give up not matter how many time the world seems to be wanting us to. And together we will reach all of our dreams!

Sometimes the world might not be telling you it’s not meant to be, but wanting to see how badly you want it and are willing to work for it.

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