14 Reasons Why Not (#14)

I have just recently started 13 Reasons Why and am a few episodes in. It is, in my opinion, a spectacular view on what students/teens go through these days. I can’t personally know this for sure because I have been out of high school for 10 years. I can’t even imagine dealing with bullies and friends that turn into enemies in today’s time. You screw up one time and every one knows. Not, just oh there’s a rumor about so and so. No. They can see it at the palm of their hand. Also, everything can be so misconstrued that you didn’t even have to screw up for it to seem like you did. People swear on their phones more that they swear on someone else’s word now.

This show and I’m sure the book (which is currently in my Amazon cart waiting to be bought) portrays why we should not bully and how we should always be watching what we say and do to our peers. I would like to take the other offense though, and give 14 reasons why no matter what you are going through, taking your life if not the answer. I think it’s important that you have that one extra reason why NOT.

So, my next 14 posts will be over “why not.” This is a why not, not only for high school age but before and beyond.


High School ends. Sucky situations, end.

I know you hear it over and over if you are still there and it is almost impossible to imagine. Or you can imagine it but you just assume the rest of your life will be the same. But, if you are out, you realize this, you know one day you will wake up and things will be better. There is no way to actually see this and how much it can impact you until you are out. So, please, make it. Make it out alive.

You CAN get a job or go to college where you are going to meet people that get you. You will meet people that you are not forced to be friends with just because you are in the same half a mile radius every day. THINK ABOUT THAT! Do you know how big the world is? And high school is such a tiny part of it.

Will there be no more hard times? Nope, you will still have hard days, there will still be drama that follows you. But in the real, big world, it is so much easier to get away from. It’s so much easier to run to things and people that make it better.

Even if you are in college, out of college, mid 20s, 30s, it doesn’t matter, there are still situations you get in that you feel like you will never get out of. But, remember you are one of the ones that did get out of high school, you learned what life can be. Keep in mind that nothing lasts forever, except death. There’s no way it can get better if you are gone.

As for the fact below, this(suicide), is one thing that WE are in control of. You are in control of your own body. We as people are in control of our words and actions. Let’s do our best to beat one of the worst diseases ever, one of the few we have control over.

Fact for thought: “More teenagers and young adults die from suicide than from cancer, heart disease, AIDS, birth defects, stroke, pneumonia, influenza, and chronic lung disease, COMBINED.”

Source: http://jasonfoundation.com/prp/facts/youth-suicide-statistics/

Be a Murwoman: Survive.

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