14 Reasons Why Not (#13)

So, we went over reason 14. You can check it out in the previous post.

13. It is not heroic. It is not beautiful.

Being a hero means you save lives, you change lives for the better. Taking your own life is not “teaching someone a lesson.” It is destroying lives. It is a childish game of “I’m going to get you better.” Some people who have watch 13 Reasons Why believe that it romanticizes suicide. So does Romeo and Juliet. So does many other shows, movies, books, music, this type of death is unfortunately a huge part of life. If you haven’t contemplated taking your own life, then you know someone who has, if you say you don’t, then you aren’t paying close enough attention. I guess my point is this type of story line has been around since before our time, and it’s not going to change. In reality it can have an impact on your views. Should it be taken as a motive to go out and do the same thing? NO. It should be something you talk to your child about, make sure they understand that it is not heroic, it is not beautiful. It is an ugly tragedy.

There are a lot of things put in the movies that we shouldn’t take and put in our own life. We have to be stronger than that. We can’t go out and murder someone because it looks cool and people go out and pay to see it. Just like we can’t simply hop on a space ship and take off to space. There are some things in our control, and some things we can’t control quite the same. But murder? Suicide? Bullying? Cheating? Stealing? Lying? Those are some of the few things in this world we are in control of. We have to do better. We have to encourage others to do better.

So, as far as 13 Reasons Why, it is said that it romanticizes her suicide, her being put on this Earth just to take it away herself to be some kind of super hero preventing bullying. You know, as a show I can see how that can put things into perspective. But, do you remember being a teenager? In reality, would you really blame yourself at that age? Some of us, probably. But how often are there tapes or notes pointing people out? So, as a show, yes it puts things into perspective, makes us think about our words and actions. But in reality when this happens, someone is actually dead. Gone, to never take a breath again. & for what? To prove a point? No, you cannot put that on anyone else. So, if you are out there and you are a victim of someone else’s suicide, it is not your fault. I know saying that could never actually put your mind at ease. Like, OH! I’ve never thought of that. But still, just know, that person, as much as you loved and cared for them, they were selfish.

Suicide is not beautiful for anyone watching. And let’s face it, those are the ones that matter in this situation. They are the ones left behind, and they are the ones that care. They are the ones that will think about it EVERY DAY for the REST of their life. They will have to be the ones that have to be strong enough for both them and the one they lost.

When it comes down to it YOU are in charge of YOUR life. Talk to someone, get help.
If you are reading this and you just need to talk to someone, email me, now. Also, reach out to me if you are one that was left behind.         beamurwoman@gmail.com

I am open to talking. I have an open mind and there is absolutely no judgement

As for our fact this time, think about that. The number is 5,240. But, how many people are really being impacted EVERY DAY but this? If we ONLY include parents of these children that’s around 15,000 people.

Fact for thought: “Each day in our nation, there are an average of over 5,240 attempts by young people grades 7-12.”

SOURCE: http://jasonfoundation.com/prp/facts/youth-suicide-statistics/

Be A Murwoman: Don’t Be Selfish

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