14 Reasons Why Not (#10)

#10 I am about to hit you with a bajillion reasons to stay on this earth, the little things.

I’m just going to make a list; read it, skim it, add to it!

Coffee on Saturday morning, your dog sitting in your lap, a sunny day, a rainy day on the couch, your favorite meal, riding a bike, laying in the sand, holding your hand out of a car window, listening to your best friend’s voice, new carpet between your toes, someone letting you in front of them in traffic, kisses, popcorn, tickle fight, sleeping in, staying up late, telling secrets, dancing for no reason, running into people you haven’t seen in forever, people watching, fireworks, ice cream, trying to figure out what shape a cloud makes, hot showers, green grass in the spring, bubbles, children’s smiles, unexpected phone calls, finding something you thought you had lost, reading a new book, finding money in your pockets, road trips, the smile on someone you love.

Get the point?

There are too many thing to miss here. Even if there are horrible things that happen, and they do, every day. But something in this list is worth looking forward to. You would never have any of these adventures again if you decide it is the end.

Tell your favorite in the comments! Or add to the list!

In a world full of humans, be a murwoman.

If you need to talk always feel free to email beamurwoman@gmail.com for a judgement free conversation.


7 thoughts on “14 Reasons Why Not (#10)

  1. Kitty cats with arthritis that turn up in storms asking to share the food they can see you’ve left out for your own pets and do nothing but sleep in patches of sunlight once you let them live with you :), absolutely coffee, absolutely road trips, butterflies, flowers, the good things that you don’t know about yet that are around the corner … not that I have any plans to leave, but these are things you can be glad of everyday no matter what.

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  2. Music, inside jokes, sunshine, hiking, the smell of a new book, new markers, new friends, carpool buddies, sunrises and sunsets, puppy kisses, baby giggles.

    Love your writing and love reading these. Thank you!

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