14 Reasons Why Not (#9)

9. Music

Now, this is more personal preference. But I feel we all have that one thing we just can’t imagine living without. Not person but thing or idea. For you it might be movies, fantasy football, Instagram, photography, art, etc. etc. For me, it’s music. (& writing but that conversation can be saved for another time)

There are very few things I do without music. At work is when I listen to it least. But in the car it’s up and on a great day the windows are down. I am yelling at the world or at the car in front of me. In the shower, I am basically on stage in my mind. It takes me to somewhere that is not of this world. It takes me to the past, it takes me to the future, it takes me to places I will never see in this world. Right now, Stay by Mayday Parade is streaming through my beats. I will go from G Eazy to Taylor Swift to Ed Sheeran to A Day to Remember to K Flay to every other color of the music rainbow and back. And in that trip I feel a million different things.

I sometimes think, man this could be the last time I ever listen to this song. Because, let’s face it, none of us live forever and it will come to the moment where it is the last time you listen to your favorite song, or one of the hundreds of your favorites.

I can’t imagine taking that away from myself even a slight moment too soon. I want to hear Brand New when I am 80 years old and trying to explain to my grandkids why it is so good. I want to throw out a little,” do the rock away, lean back, lean back” when I am getting in my recliner to watch the newest movie my family wants to watch. Maybe a little, ” and we walk around the metal detectors” at the airport in my newest wheelchair.

But for real, we all need that thing that takes us away without us having to leave. No matter who you are, I can guarantee (especially in today’s world) there is something. Find that thing to take you away without taking you away.

Comment below, what do you live for? What takes you away to another place?

For a judgement free convo or you just need someone to yell at and let your feelings out to email beamurwoman@gmail.com

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