14 Reasons Why Not (#8)

#8 To be inspiration

Imagine years from now, when you have found light in this world. Imagine you have only the memories of the times you laid on the floor and couldn’t breathe. You don’t wake up in tears missing a happiness quite as much as you once did. You no longer torture your body because it craves the pain. You wake up and you are okay. You made it to a place where you can breathe and you actually want to breathe. Things probably aren’t perfect but they never will be. But now you see why you made it.

You are now a person that can save. You can be there human being that saves other human beings. You can be the reason that one day they want to breathe. You can relate. You can use your words, your passion, your talents to help others realize they are still here, they are still breathing and they can get that want to breathe back.

All the things above, you have been there, and someone you know or someone you don’t know is there right now. Maybe you are reading this and I have no clue who you are, but you can relate. I can sit here with a happiness in my heart, but a heart that can still remember those feelings. I can tell you that is a way out. But, you can never be the person to tell others that and help them if you don’t let someone help you. Or something. Whatever it is that is going to get you from that darkness, possibly all it is, is time. But you will get there.

Beamurwoman: Save yourself, so you can save others.

Need someone to talk to:: beamurwoman@gmail.com

Tell us, what is something that has already made you smile today??

4 thoughts on “14 Reasons Why Not (#8)

      1. I watched several episodes and it’s hard to have the same understanding or mindset as the main character. She is a really good person and seems to be very intelligent so it’s somewhat difficult to perceive with her intelligence that she would kill herself because of a story a jock told, but she’s saying in the story that it’s more of a collective bunch of reasons. Also it’s difficult to have the exact perceptions of a teenager….because honestly it’s difficult to even perceive change….obviously the more you learn the more you change and evolve to adapt to your new information but if I look back and think how much different do I think now then when I was in High School? I know some obvious differences but I don’t think I can accurately know how different do I think today from then? But then again I am judging from my perspective and it’s literally impossible for me to be able to accurately judge a perspective of what it feels like to be a teenage girl…with all that out of the way I am left with only being able to accept that the character made the choices she made with the limited knowledge and false beliefs that she had….so you know I just have to accept that about the story and not judge the character.

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      2. I actually had that same thought watching an episode today. So far, she seems like such a strong person. But, I guess in life that’s the way it is sometimes, the strong ones are suffering the most trying to take care of others

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