14 Reasons Why Not (#7)



Even if you can claim there is no one in this life for you. There is not a person that can make you happy. There is not one single person you can talk to. There is no chance anyone will ever love you. No one can make this life worth living. There is still reasons to live.

I don’t believe any the above statements for me or for you, but your opinion is your opinion. & if it is true to you then it is truth.

And if that’s the case, there is always the world. I don’t mean the worldly possessions within it. I don’t mean the people. I don’t mean the man made roads or architecture. Delete everything, everything from the world. Look at it as if human hand has never touched it. It is just you and the world.

Can you see yourself? You and the mountains, the waterfalls, the open fields, the flowers, wildlife, fresh air. You are breathing and you are living. Maybe you think you don’t need the world, but maybe all you need is the world.

Take it, run away with it every day. Get home from work, don’t turn on the news, don’t get sucked into drama, just go. Go to nature, and let it save you.



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