14 Reasons Why Not (#6)

6) Children

There are many different scenarios for this. Your children. Your families/friends children. You volunteer somewhere years down the road and meet a set of eyes that you will never forget. You get into a field that is full of children begging for inspiration.

You become a parent, and it changes your whole world. You have a human in your life that is going to love you unconditionally. A heart that is yours to protect, yours to help grow.

You become an aunt, you change their world. They love you in a way you didn’t realize you could be loved. They change your world in more ways than you could ever change theirs.

There are so many young hearts out there that need “that” person. They come from a broken home. They don’t get along with their parents. They are alone. They have a story much like yours, they need someone who has survived it.

Personally, as a child I had a very random person in my life possibly totally change the course of my life. In first grade my student teacher, who was in the classroom all of 4 months inspired me to be not only a teacher but a writer. I don’t even remember a whole lot about her but I remember everything about the way she made me feel and the way she inspired me. We wrote back and forth until I graduated. I lost her address during college, so Miss Georgie of Texas if you come across this… 😉

So think about all those growing hearts and souls that need to hear a story of survival, a story that possibly only you can share in a way they need to hear it.

Who is someone that inspired you as a child??


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