14 Reasons Why Not #5

5. Pets/Animals

Okay, if you are not a pet/animal lover then read no further.

One of the top joys in the world has to be walking through your front door at the end of a long day and your dog, cat, whichever little friend is there to greet you.

A dog, who runs circles around the house because he is so excited or crawls up in your lap as soon as you sit down. He cuddles up with you on those extra rough days because he can just sense it.

A cat, who rubs against your legs to show you were missed or curls up beside you for the rest of the night.

They love unconditionally, they never get down for long, and they are always there to make you feel better no matter how long you are gone or how much you yell at them for digging your leftover lunch out of your work bag and eating every last bit.

There is always a special furry friend or non furry to love and to receive love. I’m going to go ahead and throw out the importance of adopting in here while were talking about it. I feel there is also no connection like the connection between you and the animal you save, somehow they now. Then, somehow, they save you.

Stay curious my friends, furry & not.
I want to hear about your pet friends in the comments!!?


5 thoughts on “14 Reasons Why Not #5

  1. I love this! I adopted my kitty not even a year ago and by goodness she has supported me through so much and has been an incredible help with me and my mental health. She quite literally is like a little fur-baby to me and I honestly would not change the situation or change her for anything or anyone.
    The story of how I adopted her is a funny one too, I went through multiple shelters and websites looking to adopt and had met so many cuddly and snuggly little babies who so very clearly wanted to go home with me. But when I met my little one, she did not even want me to pick her up although she was still warm but a little reticent I knew she was the match for me. Now not even a year on she’s my best little friend and even lets me pick her up and give her some snuggles from time to time to look out the window.


    1. Aww that is such a sweet story! Mine is almost opposite, my pup stated barking at me until I picked him up! About 15 pounds heavier and 3 years later, but it’s just as hard to put him down! So glad you found your puurfect 😉 match.


  2. Totally. We adopted a litter of wild kittens when their mother died. My cat at the time was 18 years old, and he died two weeks after I started feeding the babies. He was a nice cat, and I think he would have liked the kittens. They needed us, and they saved me from being a total wreck when he died. Then, last December, we lost our babiest baby cat, and the light went out of our world for a while, or so it felt. Then, recently in a storm, a cat turned up here who needed a home, and he’s made me smile like I hadn’t really since she left, even though the other cats are really great. They’re really independent, but she always made lots of time for me 🙂 He hasn’t replaced her, but he will sleep on top of me like she did, and he has arthritis so he is always around for company, doesn’t go far, and I feel glad that life goes on, that love stretches, and I almost feel like she knows he is here and that I am getting some cuddles again.

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