14 Reasons Why Not (#3)

3. Because you can

There are literally people in every city praying, begging to live. They would give anything to live to see their best friend another day. They would die the most tragic death if only they could see their child graduate High School. They stay up every night trying to figure out a way that they can have a choice.

They can’t.

It won’t be up to them.

They will die, because that is what was written in the stars for them. It was/is their time and there isn’t one thing they can do about it.

The ones that loved them will go on thinking of them in such a bright light. Fighters. Someone that wanted so badly to be here with them.

Maybe you have lost someone close, if not maybe you can imagine it. But, remember whatever you imagine, multiply it by infinity. Imagine losing someone that wanted nothing more than to live, to breathe, to love. If you can’t find the will to live in yourself, find it in others. Find it for other humans that don’t have a choice. Make it the best you can, even if that means simply heaving.



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