14 Reasons Why Not (#1)

1.It’s up to you.

Ultimately your reasons for living are up to you. If you are reading this, then the choices you make in life are more than likely up to you.

I’m not saying they are easy, especially if you are really living, it’s going to be hard.

But we only get this life once and as cliché as it is, it’s too short to spend it consciously making decisions that do not make us happy.

So, please, in the comments below list your reason/reasons to wake up in the morning. Your reasons to stay up late at night. The reasons why you smile. Or even things that are worth going through in order to get back to those moments.


I’m going to leave this music video, if you haven’t seen it, do yourself a favor and watch. If you know of any other inspirational videos please share in the comments also!!


6 thoughts on “14 Reasons Why Not (#1)

  1. Gaming keeps me up all night. Kick back on the beanbag and play a fantasy game. Take my time with it, only enduring in-game stress when I deem it appropriate.

    YouTube gets me up in the morning, gorge on videos from my subscription boxes.

    I smile when I feel like I know someone and I’m getting enjoyment from that fact.

    Feeling displaced is worth enduring to get back to the cool space of the positive stimulus.

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