Rock Your Interview, Beyoncé Style.

It’s been a while, I’ve been “wifiless” totally a thing, even though my computer wants to autocorrect it to wifeless. ha Anyways, we’re back!

We all know by now who runs the world. Girls!

First I ask myself, would Beyonce limit herself to what job she is going after? No. She is going to go after her dream job, full force without saying sorry. I don’t think Beyonce would even call it a “job.” She would call it an opportunity to rock her Givenchy dress.

Bringing us to number one, her outfit is everything and then some. After all, the first impression will not be her work ethic or how big her heart is. They see how much work she put into her first impression. She will walk into that interview rocking an outfit for the job she wants, not the job she has. Even if she had to go buy a special outfit, it will be worth it. (Go thrifting!)

Now, Beyonce is going to get in formation for her walk into the interview. Her eyes are telling the people giving the interview, “You need me here.” Her shoulders are telling them she is confident. Her hands will shake every hand in the room.

Her answer to every question is as if she is telling the company that she “might get their song played on the radio station.” She convinces them that they need her more than she needs them. Not in an “I am full of myself type of way,” but more of a “we are in this together type of way.”

Every answer she gives is from her heart. Every answer tells her story and why she is there. They each overflow with the passion she has for the dream she is in the process of achieving.

When she is asked for her own questions, Beyonce asks, “Why should I choose you over similar companies?” Because after all, they aren’t the only ones that want the best, you deserve the best as well.

Before leaving the room, she again, shakes every hand, looks every person in the eyes and thanks them for their time. After all, there isn’t anyone that has to give you a chance. She contacts them the next day, thanking them again, putting her back in their mind. She wants them to remember her and know how much she wants this.

Beyonce, throughout or before this interview, is not thinking about how she is not good enough for this opportunity. She is not thinking about how ones that came before her could not do what she does. Beyonce is thinking of her family and how they need her. Beyonce is thinking of the ones that told her she can’t. She is not thinking of them to get her down, but to raise her up. She thinks of them to prove them wrong. Because after all, the ones that didn’t believe in you, they deserve absolutely nothing, except to watch you succeed. She is the healer of her own pain. She is the voice in her head saying, “I will do this.”

If they still aren’t interested in you, tell them to “go call Becky with the good hair.” You will find your dream job. You will be successful. Beyonce was not built in a day. Best revenge is your paper. 😉



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