Best Friends, Forever?


We all have heard the term of dating/marrying our best friend, right?

Honestly, isn’t that just the dream, and quite possibly the only relationships that last happily. Because you are truly with someone for who they are, so no matter what circumstances you come to you are going to figure them out. No matter if something changes for the worse for that person, you aren’t going to want to run away, you are going to want to be there even more.

But what does that mean?

What it means to me might not mean the same to you, but here are some of the things I think of when I am truly looking for my best friend. I would love to hear your ideas on what you look for!

So when I started thinking about these I started thinking about the things I look for in my “just friends.” Because those are the friends we are friends with unconditionally, without looking for anything in return. Here we go..

Their job doesn’t matter. Now in a way, maybe it does. In the sense of you want what their passions are to be something you want to spend time around. So, maybe I should say it doesn’t matter how much money they make. It doesn’t matter if they are in a job at the moment that they are trying to get out of because it’s not their dream job, but they are working on getting to that dream. I would rather be with someone with a job they are passionate about then making a lot of money and not being as happy. A lot of people will say, well it takes money to take care of a family. And this is very true. When you bring other lives into the equation it does seem to change it. But, you don’t, or I wouldn’t marry someone just to have kids with them, I am marrying them for them and knowing that they are my best friend. I know that together we can both do whatever it takes to make that family. That might mean me working harder. That is just something that you have to trust will work itself out when you choose the right person.

Looks. Now we all know by now there has to be a level of attraction, this is what takes them from being our “just friends” to more. I don’t necessarily believe that attraction is all based on the way they “look.” A lot of times I find myself saying, this person is not my type at all but I am still attracted to them. Maybe I get to know them and they become more attractive. Or possibly it is just the type of energy they give off when I am around them. My “type” is not the same as my friends’ types or other people’s. I think people mess up when they go looking for the person that is going to impress other people. The only person that should be impressed with who they are with, is that person. Every one else is just background opinions.

You laugh. There isn’t anything I can think of that I would want to do for the rest of my life then have someone I can laugh every day with. They don’t need to be a comedian, obviously. But there is no better feeling than finding someone that has your same sense of humor, when you laugh over things that probably seem so stupid to other people. You also laugh at yourselves and at each other. It’s okay to make fun of each other. Saying something “offensive” isn’t going to an argument, you laugh it off together.

Silence. You know you have a best friend when you can spend a lengthy amount of time together saying absolutely nothing but those times with them are still everything. You don’t need to say everything out loud. You don’t need to fill every moment of silence. It is enough to just be.

You fight. You get over it. Best friends fight. Siblings fight. Family fight. It’s a part of life, and the more you are around the same person, the more it is likely to happen. But when someone is truly your best friend, you fight. You talk it out. You get over it. It doesn’t come up two months later when you are in an argument about a topic completely irrelevant

You adventure. When you are with your best friend everything is an adventure. Sure, going on trips, daily get aways, trying new things, etc. But when you are with your best friend, you turn crazy, sometimes “bad/unexpected” situations into an adventure. You are happy no matter what is thrown your way and make the best of it.

So, there are many more I could go on about but those are the first that come to mind. I want to hear what you look for in a best friend!? Comment below my friends.


4 thoughts on “Best Friends, Forever?

  1. Great post. When I first met my husband, I didn’t like him at all. It took a few years for that to come. I just had to get to know him better. The saying is true, that you can’t judge a book by it’s cover.


  2. I agree completely with what you say here 🙂 I think if I were to add anything I would add “in jokes” and possibly even code words. It is nice to have someone to share something like that with that no one else will “get” because they don’t understand it. Some phrase that is unique to the two of you makes you feel super close 🙂

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