Plan B is Extinct

What is it you want more than anything?

What would you give to get it?

Would you give up an easier life? A life where you get by but always have that voice in the back of your head asking why you didn’t get off your butt and go for what you knew/know you truly want?

When we live knowing everything will be okay if our dream doesn’t work out, we get lazy. We put actions off that would help us reach our goal because we “have time” or we know that we will “make it by” even if it doesn’t happen.

For a lot of us it takes hitting rock bottom or even starting to sink into those rocks for us to rise above where we always wanted to be but never thought we could be. It takes our plan b’s and c’s and the whole alphabet being stolen away from us to go with the only plan we ever even cared about to begin with. We are human beings and the stronger of us do whatever it takes to survive.

But my challenge to you is that even if you have those plan b’s and c’s lingering around, forget them. Throw them away. They are the equivalent of getting to the end of our life, looking back and longing for more. And that day can be closer than any of us know.

One true story that comes to mind is that of J.K. Rowling who went from a single mother on welfare to becoming one of the richest women in the world by following her dreams. There are so many more stories like hers that might not always be about wealth but happiness, or both. In the end, the happiness is what will matter the most.

So, what is your plan A?

What are you going to do to reach the goal that it entails?



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