Silence That’s Not So Deadly

Sometimes we don’t need words.

These are the best ones right. The best humans. The best loves.

I would say the best music (and in some people’s opinions this is probably true) but, honestly, I really dig words with my music. BUT when I do come across music that just doesn’t even need words, then that is one special melody.

Just like those people in our lives that maybe we’ve known forever and can just read each others minds. We can sit in complete silence and it’s not in the slightest way awkward. Maybe it is someone that we haven’t known long at all, but you just don’t need words to get each other. You laugh without having to say anything. You sit, as if alone but you are the furthest from being alone. These people are rare, which is what makes them so beautiful.


I remember back when I was in school, I would literally try to think of things to talk about for when I was going to be around a certain person. That seems so ridiculous now. If you need to do that, then it’s probably not the person you need to be around.

Words are just that, words. They aren’t who we are. They are one way to get to know someone, but any one can say any thing. But to truly know someone through a feeling, that is when you have stumbled across someone in this world you were meant to find.

Hold on to that person. Go tell that person you love them. Right now.





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