Start a Love Chain Reaction

Being in America with the shooting that happened in Las Vegas last week, like most, it has me thinking. It brings along a lot of emotions. Without even knowing any of those that were directly impacted, I am angry. I am sad.

I am sad for those that lost their lives. I am sad for those that lost loved ones. For each person lost, there are hundreds that are hurting.

I am angry at people. I am sad for people. We are all sad for those after an event like this, but guess what? It is happening every single day around the world. Someone’s life is taken without purpose. America is one of the lowest countries when it comes to homicides.

Did you know less than a month ago American troops killed at least 100 innocent civilians in an air strike? But we are surprised that we are killing our own here in our own country?

If a child is allowed, by their parents, to disrespect other adults they are more than likely also disrespecting their parents as well at home. Humans react based on their environment and what they learn throughout their life.

So many people out there that are so involved with their own opinions and their own life that they don’t take the time to even see the problems others are having.


I can’t tell you how much I hate being on Facebook after something like this. People’s one sided views on gun laws and humanity come out. You can scream your opinion as loud as you want on Facebook or in real life, no one is going to hear you. Not really. People have their opinions and guess what? That is okay.

The issue is when we start trying to change opinions of people when they are doing no one any harm. The harm starts when someone is feeling controlled, it brings up anger. It makes people want to do whatever it takes to prove their point. Think about how you feel when someone tries to change your opinion of something you are passionate about.

My whole point to this is, be good to people. Listen to people. Be there for people. Reach out to people, even when they push you away. That is probably when they need you the most. Believe in people and they will believe in people.

I am definitely not saying that I am very good at this, I want to be so much better. But I always think of one opportunity I was given, a homeless man came up to me on the street one night and I sat with that man for close to an hour at a piano while he played. He told me his life story, and I listened. I didn’t judge him, I didn’t try to tell him what to do. I simply listened. He cried, I cried, it was a beautiful  moment in my life and honestly he probably impacted me more than I did him.

But, I like to think every time I do something like that that I am making a difference. No matter how small. Maybe something you do or say can stop someone from doing something to hurt others or themselves. Maybe it will create a chain reaction like when people pay for other’s meals in a drive thru. It can work the same way with words and love.


It might not be something you ever see the difference with your own eyes, but just have faith that you are doing something good for the world.

So let’s start a “love chain reaction.” Do something nice for someone this week, no matter how big or small. Comment and let us know what it is! Or maybe you have a story already to share where you were there for someone, please share! The more love we share the more there is to be shared.

Be a Murwoman.

Not sure if you have seen this video floating around the internet, but it is such a beautiful story of how one person can change a life by simply trying to spread positivity. She said herself, “I am not here to judge him. My job is to be a postive person in someon’e life.” Honestly, she probably impacted A LOT of lives by impacting one.

(Hope the video worked if not find it on our facebook page,


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