IRL, Isn’t Real Love?

I came across an article today that I almost completely disagree with. I try to always find at least something that I am like, “okay that makes sense.” But, I want your opinion.

The article was titled “Why You Should Never Date Anyone You Meet IRL” I almost feel like she wrote it so people would disagree. I don’t read magazine articles a whole lot, so that could be a thing. & if it is, that’s great. I am disagreeing with an idea, not her, she is free to feel however she wants.

Now I am not saying you should never date someone you meet online. Love is beautiful no matter where or how you find it. But I am saying that this article made no sense.


First, let me give you some background on the article. She explains how she made out with a guy she met. She didn’t know that he wore a fedora until looking him up online. When she found that out she was totally turned off, and even said it was embarrassing for him..

First of all, how old are we that we are judging people for their style? YOU are the one that made out with him and I wouldn’t judge you for that. He could be a perfectly decent person, but from what it sounds like she didn’t wait long enough to find out before swapping spit or before letting him go because of a hat choice. Which I see nothing wrong with, she doesn’t have to marry the guy or even see him again if she doesn’t want to. I mean there are just some things that we know we don’t want, I guess for her that’s a fedora wearing dude.

She explains how you can learn a lot about a person online, which is very true. I do agree with that. But what I don’t get, is where is the fun in that? Maybe I am just getting older but I love looking back on the guys I dated and thinking “wow, that didn’t turn out the way I planned, but it was either a good time or a good story to tell.” Also, it led me to where I am now. & I have dated IRL and online. I can’t tell you how many experiences I would have missed out on if I started seeing a guy then dumped him because god forbid he is wearing a cowboy hat in a picture on his Facebook. (because, for me, I am usually not attracted to the “cowboy” type) But, again, I would rather get to know the person for who they are and not what is on their head. Maybe the guy just likes fedora hats, or cowboy hats, it doesn’t necessarily mean he falls into the typical personality trait that wears whatever it is, doesn’t really matter.

One other thing, long story short, she started dating a guy that she met online but supposedly he had seen her at a book signing and couldn’t work up the nerve to talk to her. Which okay, guys can be shy. But, for me, I want a guy that can’t imagine the thought of letting me walk out of that book signing without saying something to me. & that is the guy I am dating. Someone “IRL” that had the guts to walk up to me and say hi. Anyone can swipe right for a pretty girl, but someone that really feels something in person shouldn’t be able to walk away without at least trying.


Maybe I was meant to live in a different era..?

I want to know what you think? Should we date based on getting to know someone online? or IRL? a good mixture of both?

Everyone has a different opinion on it I am sure, and that’s okay, that’s what makes us human and beautiful. So I will end with that I am so very happy that this woman found someone that makes her happy. Destiny will always find it’s way.

2 thoughts on “IRL, Isn’t Real Love?

  1. I always suspect I’m supposed to be living in another era – or maybe another dimension. Still trying to land on the answer. But I agree, that I would prefer the IRL person who couldn’t imagine life without you and was thus encouraged to find the courage to approach you. That takes more than a swipe.

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