The most beautiful people are…themselves.

You are beautiful.

This is such a simple statement that has been on my mind the past week. I couldn’t figure out where I was trying to go with it until I saw a music video today, Am I Pretty by The Maine.

We are all worried about what others think, there is something about us whether it’s physical appearance or our personality that we always have in the back of our mind as a drawback or wondering if other people like it about us.


This video starts with different people of all different backgrounds talking about their own insecurities. I can tell you, the one that has dark skin..the one that is “too tall,” too skinny, too curvy, too outgoing, too shy, too whatever, there is someone out there that is so jealous and are insecure about being the opposite, being what you think you want to be.

Not every one is going to like you or like everything about you. That just is how the world is now, and I don’t see it changing any time soon. But you will find those people that love you for everything you are. So don’t change anything about you, embrace you, because someone out there is looking for the exact shade of you.


At the end of the video the same people seem free to be themselves, they are most beautiful in this moment. When you are yourself, you are free. When you let go of trying to be someone you are not, you find exactly where you fit in this world. The most beautiful people in this world are..themselves.


So, beautiful people of the world, keep being you.

Check out the video!

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