Choose the Light

I found a challenge on a website to write positives and negatives on a subject. I went with their suggestion, the sun.

I will start with the negatives and end with the positives. I challenge you to think of something negative in your life right now, then make a list of ways it could be positive. Think of those things. Let your brain and your heart soak in those positive thoughts as you walk through your day, and as you drift to sleep. Feel free to share in the comments, would love to hear and chat!


I am blinded driving east in the AM and driving west as it sets. Its rays have impacted sin to the point of death. I am drenched in certain parts of this earth when it radiates too efficiently and I become a shade of red that becomes painful to the touch.

sun beach

(photo cred: unknown)

It’s light is the reason I can see the colors of the trees, the reflection of its face lays peacefully upon our waters. I would not be able to run barefoot into the ocean without it rising. It would be difficult to see the color of his eyes as we swing in his hammock in the middle of the day, if that light did not exist. My energy would be drained if not for its vitamin that keeps me going. I would not be able to appreciate the moon each night if there were no day to differentiate the hours of my day and to help it shine.


Let’s hear some additions or your own personal negative with positives to think on.





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