Your Dark is my Light

The dark, its lack of answers, gave her desire. It represented worlds that were not yet hers. She longed for them, all of them, until she reached all she thought she wanted. Once they were hers, once light broke in their sky, her fighting fists became palms, letting go of all the gaps between the stars that became the sun. Goodbye is what came in the morning, until the night she met a light that when exposed was still the biggest mystery she ever reached for, dark in the middle of her day. She found a heart, a desire, that could not be caged, could not be clinched between her fists. Didn’t have to be, for they flew side by side. They reached for each other, holding on and letting go, just so they could grasp a little more.

Photo cred, Instagram: @sturmideenkind

Mugs with quotes they could not be caged

They could not be caged for they flew side by side.


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