Women Who Inspire (Take One)

Have you ever been lost in this world? I know I have. Did you find a way out, something that inspires you enough to want to get out of bed every day and love this life. Whether you have or you are still on your journey check out the story and work of an amazing woman who is going for her dream and wants to inspire others along the way..

Everyone meet Makenzie Peacock of Peacock Artistry


So a lot of things inspire me. But it is mostly abstract artwork and nature outside. As well as my family inspires me to be the best I can be.

In the past few years I have dealt with lots. I have dealt with anxiety and depression and actually wanting to end my life. But my makeup artistry actually helped pull me out of that state and got me to a better place.


My best accomplishment is graduating from makeup artistry school and giving birth to my beautiful baby.

A goal I have set is to be the best version of my self because I want to be able to inspire others to do what they love and I can’t do that if I am not the best version of myself.


I am a makeup artist and I just love my art form.


Check her out on Instagram: @peacock.artistry

Stay tuned for more inspirational women from around the world with different interests but they all want to inspire those around them!

Find more inspirational women on be a murwoman facebook page on Instagram at @beamurwoman (find on blogs home page) 🙂

More makeup work by @peacock.artistry


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