Women Who Inspire (Take Two)

Ever felt like you just aren’t matching up to that girl that is getting  hundreds and hundreds of likes on Instagram? Ever looked to your friends and just felt like you aren’t where you want to be yet?

They have been through the tough part, just as you will. Check out this lady that is an inspiration to keep going!



“The list of things that inspire me are endless! I think the biggest thing is probably nature because I’m constantly in awe at the shape of a cloud, a sunset or tiny insect.”

“Some struggles I have had to overcome in real life and in the business world is to not compare yourself to others. Social media can make things seem so competitive but if you stay focused on yourself and your goals nothing can stand in your way. Learn to appreciate your uniqueness.”

“My biggest accomplishment is earning my degree in graphic design and advertising. It was a lot of work and a lot of sleepless nights. I remember kissing my degree every night before bed for like a week after graduation.”

“I’ve set a lot of goals for myself this year but the main one is to gain more of a following on my Instagram account and continue to earn money doing what I love.”

Find Summer & Gold on Instagram at @summer_and_gold She has anything from pillows to coffee mugs!

Go show this lady and all our ladies that are featured some love!

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