Women Who Inspire (Take 3)

Check out queenconsultations! From building her business as a mother to helping out young women who need it most..



What inspires you?

Innovation! Creativity. As a single mother and business owner I’ve discovered firsthand that necessity breeds invention. I was often forced to get innovative in my approach and execution because my resources, time, or energy were limited.  Being forced to create opportunities for myself and small business owners and organizations has definitely been my inspiration behind creating my consulting business and non profit.   Most of my clients have created products or services that fill a need they personally were affected by and in turn help a multitude of others.


I’ve faced a lot of struggles starting off. I was seriously learning as I went. There wasn’t a big budget I could pull from like my former corporate positions so it was important to think outside the box to make things happen.


I had to trial and error a lot and the biggest lesson I’ve learned is to have a plan! I know it sounds obvious, but having a detailed plan of your expectations and execution plans is essential to building your business. As a single mother I literally have no time to waste, and balancing my son’s needs versus my business goals got daunting. So I plan out my day, week, and month to the hour. As it doesn’t always go as planned but it helps when it’s time to see where your time and money is going and re execute, re-evaluate, and gauge what’s working and what’s not.


My biggest accomplishment outside of my son is celebrating my anniversary of leaving Chick Fil A corporate and starting my own business. It’s the best decision I’ve ever made and no matter how difficult things get, doing what I absolutely love for amazing people has been a blessing and made it feel nothing like work. The other would be starting the Sisters Speak youth mentorship program that focuses on helping at risk teen girls facing homelessness or displacement find opportunities and resources they are typically not afforded. It brings me joy to help others and provide hope for people where I once was.


This year my goal is to grow my business and travel to speak to young women about optimizing their opportunities and creating lanes for themselves where one exist. I am currently creating an ounce direct shopping platform for startups and new businesses and product developers to get in front of their large target audience and connect with investors they may not typically have access to. I also hope to begin expanding our programming to help more young women in other areas facing obstacles we can assist with.


I’m super excited about this year and looking forward to helping entrepreneurs grow their business development their products and create legacies.


Check out queenconsultations on Instagram: @queenconsultations

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