Move Dirt, Not Mountains


We are all looking for an overnight solution for a problem that has been evolving since humans have existed. We are looking for people to do it that simply aren’t going to. When is the last time a political meme solved any problems? How many of these “news stories” have any truth to them? When is the last time it started a debate full of hate that resolves absolutely nothing? Turn off your news. Get off your political views. You really think the government is scrolling through Facebook thinking, “hmmm I wonder how we can please these people? How can we make this better?” They have too much they are worried about and I can almost guarantee it has little to nothing to do with human life. Unless it will make them money.

So, instead of sharing one sided ideas that are just separating us more, how about sharing any good you see people doing? Good that you are doing? Did you tell someone that looked sad today that it’s going to be okay? Did you ask that friend that is struggling if they need to talk? Did you look at that homeless person and at least say hi like they are an actual human being? Know someone with a mental illness? Did you try to get them help? Know someone with depression, on the edge of breaking down? Did you show them love and let them know it can be okay?

A lot of rhetorical questions, but I think we get the point. And they all might seem like little things but we have to keep doing them until they outweigh the bad.  Start a domino effect, you might not even see your own results but they will be out there.

& if you still feel the need to get your political belief out there..because honestly, yes, there needs to be some changes in America..write your local government, set up a peaceful rally, go to local meetings and work your way up.



One thought on “Move Dirt, Not Mountains

  1. Great post.

    My friend ran for local council this fall. He won, by 27 votes out of over 9000 votes cast. I believe change starts locally, through local actions as you outline, through local councils and policies.

    My friend was not particularly political; it was his first time running for anything. But he decided to run in response to the local council/candidates repeatedly singing the praises and supporting every little thing Trump did. My friend was a total underdog but worked hard and talked to people honestly and listened well.

    Does every vote count? Sure did in his case. Change begins through local action, local involvement, and local voting.

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