She is beautiful, but she knows it.

“She is beautiful, but she knows it,”
he whispers to his friend as they pass her by,
as if it’s a bad thing.

He never heard a word slip from her ruby lips,
never discovered her insecurities we all have behind closed doors.

He was on the prowl for a girl
that doesn’t have the fire in her eyes
for a girl that lets a guy like him put any spark out
with words that he uses to hide his own insecurities.

So here is to the girls that know
they are worthy, beautiful and deserve a love
that will only crave to show that off.

We can all be that girl.



I remember writing this. I don’t really remember the guy because, really, he is insignificant but what he taught me is not. Every girl in this world deserves to know how beautiful they are inside and out. This should be said, “She is beautiful AND she knows it.” We deserve to soak in every moment with a smile of confidence on our faces. This goes for the guys of the world as much as the women. So really we aren’t going to stop the judging eyes of the world overnight but we can stop our perspective of it all. Get out there and make the best of every negative comment, turn it around and realize how there is nothing wrong with you, but with the person it is coming from. How every part of you is exactly how it is suppose to be. And to help the other side, give someone a compliment even if you think they don’t need it. They probably do.

Much love.


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