Choose the Light

I found a challenge on a website to write positives and negatives on a subject. I went with their suggestion, the sun.

I will start with the negatives and end with the positives. I challenge you to think of something negative in your life right now, then make a list of ways it could be positive. Think of those things. Let your brain and your heart soak in those positive thoughts as you walk through your day, and as you drift to sleep. Feel free to share in the comments, would love to hear and chat!


I am blinded driving east in the AM and driving west as it sets. Its rays have impacted sin to the point of death. I am drenched in certain parts of this earth when it radiates too efficiently and I become a shade of red that becomes painful to the touch.

sun beach

(photo cred: unknown)

It’s light is the reason I can see the colors of the trees, the reflection of its face lays peacefully upon our waters. I would not be able to run barefoot into the ocean without it rising. It would be difficult to see the color of his eyes as we swing in his hammock in the middle of the day, if that light did not exist. My energy would be drained if not for its vitamin that keeps me going. I would not be able to appreciate the moon each night if there were no day to differentiate the hours of my day and to help it shine.


Let’s hear some additions or your own personal negative with positives to think on.





The Luckiest

I just want to share how much I appreciate this community. Be a murwoman is all about sharing inspiration and passion. It is about allowing others to be themselves and love them because they are just as human as we are. So, thank you for being yourself and for being here.

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We will soon be sharing stories of humans out there doing what they love and working hard to make their dreams and other’s dreams come true. So, stay tuned. Much love!



The most beautiful people are…themselves.

You are beautiful.

This is such a simple statement that has been on my mind the past week. I couldn’t figure out where I was trying to go with it until I saw a music video today, Am I Pretty by The Maine.

We are all worried about what others think, there is something about us whether it’s physical appearance or our personality that we always have in the back of our mind as a drawback or wondering if other people like it about us.


This video starts with different people of all different backgrounds talking about their own insecurities. I can tell you, the one that has dark skin..the one that is “too tall,” too skinny, too curvy, too outgoing, too shy, too whatever, there is someone out there that is so jealous and are insecure about being the opposite, being what you think you want to be.

Not every one is going to like you or like everything about you. That just is how the world is now, and I don’t see it changing any time soon. But you will find those people that love you for everything you are. So don’t change anything about you, embrace you, because someone out there is looking for the exact shade of you.


At the end of the video the same people seem free to be themselves, they are most beautiful in this moment. When you are yourself, you are free. When you let go of trying to be someone you are not, you find exactly where you fit in this world. The most beautiful people in this world are..themselves.


So, beautiful people of the world, keep being you.

Check out the video!

IRL, Isn’t Real Love?

I came across an article today that I almost completely disagree with. I try to always find at least something that I am like, “okay that makes sense.” But, I want your opinion.

The article was titled “Why You Should Never Date Anyone You Meet IRL” I almost feel like she wrote it so people would disagree. I don’t read magazine articles a whole lot, so that could be a thing. & if it is, that’s great. I am disagreeing with an idea, not her, she is free to feel however she wants.

Now I am not saying you should never date someone you meet online. Love is beautiful no matter where or how you find it. But I am saying that this article made no sense.


First, let me give you some background on the article. She explains how she made out with a guy she met. She didn’t know that he wore a fedora until looking him up online. When she found that out she was totally turned off, and even said it was embarrassing for him..

First of all, how old are we that we are judging people for their style? YOU are the one that made out with him and I wouldn’t judge you for that. He could be a perfectly decent person, but from what it sounds like she didn’t wait long enough to find out before swapping spit or before letting him go because of a hat choice. Which I see nothing wrong with, she doesn’t have to marry the guy or even see him again if she doesn’t want to. I mean there are just some things that we know we don’t want, I guess for her that’s a fedora wearing dude.

She explains how you can learn a lot about a person online, which is very true. I do agree with that. But what I don’t get, is where is the fun in that? Maybe I am just getting older but I love looking back on the guys I dated and thinking “wow, that didn’t turn out the way I planned, but it was either a good time or a good story to tell.” Also, it led me to where I am now. & I have dated IRL and online. I can’t tell you how many experiences I would have missed out on if I started seeing a guy then dumped him because god forbid he is wearing a cowboy hat in a picture on his Facebook. (because, for me, I am usually not attracted to the “cowboy” type) But, again, I would rather get to know the person for who they are and not what is on their head. Maybe the guy just likes fedora hats, or cowboy hats, it doesn’t necessarily mean he falls into the typical personality trait that wears whatever it is, doesn’t really matter.

One other thing, long story short, she started dating a guy that she met online but supposedly he had seen her at a book signing and couldn’t work up the nerve to talk to her. Which okay, guys can be shy. But, for me, I want a guy that can’t imagine the thought of letting me walk out of that book signing without saying something to me. & that is the guy I am dating. Someone “IRL” that had the guts to walk up to me and say hi. Anyone can swipe right for a pretty girl, but someone that really feels something in person shouldn’t be able to walk away without at least trying.


Maybe I was meant to live in a different era..?

I want to know what you think? Should we date based on getting to know someone online? or IRL? a good mixture of both?

Everyone has a different opinion on it I am sure, and that’s okay, that’s what makes us human and beautiful. So I will end with that I am so very happy that this woman found someone that makes her happy. Destiny will always find it’s way.

Start a Love Chain Reaction

Being in America with the shooting that happened in Las Vegas last week, like most, it has me thinking. It brings along a lot of emotions. Without even knowing any of those that were directly impacted, I am angry. I am sad.

I am sad for those that lost their lives. I am sad for those that lost loved ones. For each person lost, there are hundreds that are hurting.

I am angry at people. I am sad for people. We are all sad for those after an event like this, but guess what? It is happening every single day around the world. Someone’s life is taken without purpose. America is one of the lowest countries when it comes to homicides.

Did you know less than a month ago American troops killed at least 100 innocent civilians in an air strike? But we are surprised that we are killing our own here in our own country?

If a child is allowed, by their parents, to disrespect other adults they are more than likely also disrespecting their parents as well at home. Humans react based on their environment and what they learn throughout their life.

So many people out there that are so involved with their own opinions and their own life that they don’t take the time to even see the problems others are having.


I can’t tell you how much I hate being on Facebook after something like this. People’s one sided views on gun laws and humanity come out. You can scream your opinion as loud as you want on Facebook or in real life, no one is going to hear you. Not really. People have their opinions and guess what? That is okay.

The issue is when we start trying to change opinions of people when they are doing no one any harm. The harm starts when someone is feeling controlled, it brings up anger. It makes people want to do whatever it takes to prove their point. Think about how you feel when someone tries to change your opinion of something you are passionate about.

My whole point to this is, be good to people. Listen to people. Be there for people. Reach out to people, even when they push you away. That is probably when they need you the most. Believe in people and they will believe in people.

I am definitely not saying that I am very good at this, I want to be so much better. But I always think of one opportunity I was given, a homeless man came up to me on the street one night and I sat with that man for close to an hour at a piano while he played. He told me his life story, and I listened. I didn’t judge him, I didn’t try to tell him what to do. I simply listened. He cried, I cried, it was a beautiful  moment in my life and honestly he probably impacted me more than I did him.

But, I like to think every time I do something like that that I am making a difference. No matter how small. Maybe something you do or say can stop someone from doing something to hurt others or themselves. Maybe it will create a chain reaction like when people pay for other’s meals in a drive thru. It can work the same way with words and love.


It might not be something you ever see the difference with your own eyes, but just have faith that you are doing something good for the world.

So let’s start a “love chain reaction.” Do something nice for someone this week, no matter how big or small. Comment and let us know what it is! Or maybe you have a story already to share where you were there for someone, please share! The more love we share the more there is to be shared.

Be a Murwoman.

Not sure if you have seen this video floating around the internet, but it is such a beautiful story of how one person can change a life by simply trying to spread positivity. She said herself, “I am not here to judge him. My job is to be a postive person in someon’e life.” Honestly, she probably impacted A LOT of lives by impacting one.

(Hope the video worked if not find it on our facebook page,


Silence That’s Not So Deadly

Sometimes we don’t need words.

These are the best ones right. The best humans. The best loves.

I would say the best music (and in some people’s opinions this is probably true) but, honestly, I really dig words with my music. BUT when I do come across music that just doesn’t even need words, then that is one special melody.

Just like those people in our lives that maybe we’ve known forever and can just read each others minds. We can sit in complete silence and it’s not in the slightest way awkward. Maybe it is someone that we haven’t known long at all, but you just don’t need words to get each other. You laugh without having to say anything. You sit, as if alone but you are the furthest from being alone. These people are rare, which is what makes them so beautiful.


I remember back when I was in school, I would literally try to think of things to talk about for when I was going to be around a certain person. That seems so ridiculous now. If you need to do that, then it’s probably not the person you need to be around.

Words are just that, words. They aren’t who we are. They are one way to get to know someone, but any one can say any thing. But to truly know someone through a feeling, that is when you have stumbled across someone in this world you were meant to find.

Hold on to that person. Go tell that person you love them. Right now.





“Hop on the World”

A song I have listened to on repeat lately is Hop on the World by Bob Schneider. It’s such a beautiful song, as simple as it is, I feel so connected to it. After looking it up on YouTube I couldn’t believe how little it has been seen! So, definitely check it out.

I also love videos like this one, real life. It didn’t take a lot of money to make, but it’s so relatable and beautiful.

“There’s so many people in the world, but no one quite like you.”

This line really gets me every time.

For those of you that have found that person, you know exactly what that means. Especially if you were at some point a person that did realize there are so many people in the world, so why stick with one?

That line, that’s exactly why. The fact that everyone is so different is exactly why it is so beautiful that you take a chance on that person that is exactly your combination of perfection. Hold on to them, hop on the world..and take a ride. 🙂

If you haven’t found that person, my biggest piece of advice would be to wait. If you can’t imagine yourself doing anything and everything with that person, if you can’t imagine conquering the world with that person then let them go.

I would love some music inspiration, of any type of genre! 🙂 Tell me your favorite song/a song that inspires you in the comments!


Plan B is Extinct

What is it you want more than anything?

What would you give to get it?

Would you give up an easier life? A life where you get by but always have that voice in the back of your head asking why you didn’t get off your butt and go for what you knew/know you truly want?

When we live knowing everything will be okay if our dream doesn’t work out, we get lazy. We put actions off that would help us reach our goal because we “have time” or we know that we will “make it by” even if it doesn’t happen.

For a lot of us it takes hitting rock bottom or even starting to sink into those rocks for us to rise above where we always wanted to be but never thought we could be. It takes our plan b’s and c’s and the whole alphabet being stolen away from us to go with the only plan we ever even cared about to begin with. We are human beings and the stronger of us do whatever it takes to survive.

But my challenge to you is that even if you have those plan b’s and c’s lingering around, forget them. Throw them away. They are the equivalent of getting to the end of our life, looking back and longing for more. And that day can be closer than any of us know.

One true story that comes to mind is that of J.K. Rowling who went from a single mother on welfare to becoming one of the richest women in the world by following her dreams. There are so many more stories like hers that might not always be about wealth but happiness, or both. In the end, the happiness is what will matter the most.

So, what is your plan A?

What are you going to do to reach the goal that it entails?



Best Friends, Forever?


We all have heard the term of dating/marrying our best friend, right?

Honestly, isn’t that just the dream, and quite possibly the only relationships that last happily. Because you are truly with someone for who they are, so no matter what circumstances you come to you are going to figure them out. No matter if something changes for the worse for that person, you aren’t going to want to run away, you are going to want to be there even more.

But what does that mean?

What it means to me might not mean the same to you, but here are some of the things I think of when I am truly looking for my best friend. I would love to hear your ideas on what you look for!

So when I started thinking about these I started thinking about the things I look for in my “just friends.” Because those are the friends we are friends with unconditionally, without looking for anything in return. Here we go..

Their job doesn’t matter. Now in a way, maybe it does. In the sense of you want what their passions are to be something you want to spend time around. So, maybe I should say it doesn’t matter how much money they make. It doesn’t matter if they are in a job at the moment that they are trying to get out of because it’s not their dream job, but they are working on getting to that dream. I would rather be with someone with a job they are passionate about then making a lot of money and not being as happy. A lot of people will say, well it takes money to take care of a family. And this is very true. When you bring other lives into the equation it does seem to change it. But, you don’t, or I wouldn’t marry someone just to have kids with them, I am marrying them for them and knowing that they are my best friend. I know that together we can both do whatever it takes to make that family. That might mean me working harder. That is just something that you have to trust will work itself out when you choose the right person.

Looks. Now we all know by now there has to be a level of attraction, this is what takes them from being our “just friends” to more. I don’t necessarily believe that attraction is all based on the way they “look.” A lot of times I find myself saying, this person is not my type at all but I am still attracted to them. Maybe I get to know them and they become more attractive. Or possibly it is just the type of energy they give off when I am around them. My “type” is not the same as my friends’ types or other people’s. I think people mess up when they go looking for the person that is going to impress other people. The only person that should be impressed with who they are with, is that person. Every one else is just background opinions.

You laugh. There isn’t anything I can think of that I would want to do for the rest of my life then have someone I can laugh every day with. They don’t need to be a comedian, obviously. But there is no better feeling than finding someone that has your same sense of humor, when you laugh over things that probably seem so stupid to other people. You also laugh at yourselves and at each other. It’s okay to make fun of each other. Saying something “offensive” isn’t going to an argument, you laugh it off together.

Silence. You know you have a best friend when you can spend a lengthy amount of time together saying absolutely nothing but those times with them are still everything. You don’t need to say everything out loud. You don’t need to fill every moment of silence. It is enough to just be.

You fight. You get over it. Best friends fight. Siblings fight. Family fight. It’s a part of life, and the more you are around the same person, the more it is likely to happen. But when someone is truly your best friend, you fight. You talk it out. You get over it. It doesn’t come up two months later when you are in an argument about a topic completely irrelevant

You adventure. When you are with your best friend everything is an adventure. Sure, going on trips, daily get aways, trying new things, etc. But when you are with your best friend, you turn crazy, sometimes “bad/unexpected” situations into an adventure. You are happy no matter what is thrown your way and make the best of it.

So, there are many more I could go on about but those are the first that come to mind. I want to hear what you look for in a best friend!? Comment below my friends.