She is beautiful, but she knows it.

“She is beautiful, but she knows it,”
he whispers to his friend as they pass her by,
as if it’s a bad thing.

He never heard a word slip from her ruby lips,
never discovered her insecurities we all have behind closed doors.

He was on the prowl for a girl
that doesn’t have the fire in her eyes
for a girl that lets a guy like him put any spark out
with words that he uses to hide his own insecurities.

So here is to the girls that know
they are worthy, beautiful and deserve a love
that will only crave to show that off.

We can all be that girl.



I remember writing this. I don’t really remember the guy because, really, he is insignificant but what he taught me is not. Every girl in this world deserves to know how beautiful they are inside and out. This should be said, “She is beautiful AND she knows it.” We deserve to soak in every moment with a smile of confidence on our faces. This goes for the guys of the world as much as the women. So really we aren’t going to stop the judging eyes of the world overnight but we can stop our perspective of it all. Get out there and make the best of every negative comment, turn it around and realize how there is nothing wrong with you, but with the person it is coming from. How every part of you is exactly how it is suppose to be. And to help the other side, give someone a compliment even if you think they don’t need it. They probably do.

Much love.


What Did I Do To Deserve This?

Your car won’t start. Your kids all need ten different things at the same time. You just can’t get anything right. Someone cut you in line at the grocery store and you’re late for an appointment. Your job just told you they don’t need you anymore. Your best friend just died. You wake up and it is hard to get out of bed.

These are every day and not so every day things that we as people naturally let our brains process. What did I do to deserve this? Why me?


But what if we turned our thinking into, What did I do to deserve this? What did I do to deserve every day? To wake up every morning? To have this car, these kids? To be able to afford these groceries? To have experience that great love or relationship that we knew could never last forever anyways?

Too often we get caught up in the what’s going wrong that we miss out on all that is right even in those hard moments. Life is a passing moment, in one breath it could be gone. I want to go out smiling and making the most of everything I do and do not deserve. Life has never been about what we deserve and no matter how hard we try it never will be.

So, have those tough times and moments but try to start turning it around into all that you do have.


poster for framing the luckiest people


Move Dirt, Not Mountains


We are all looking for an overnight solution for a problem that has been evolving since humans have existed. We are looking for people to do it that simply aren’t going to. When is the last time a political meme solved any problems? How many of these “news stories” have any truth to them? When is the last time it started a debate full of hate that resolves absolutely nothing? Turn off your news. Get off your political views. You really think the government is scrolling through Facebook thinking, “hmmm I wonder how we can please these people? How can we make this better?” They have too much they are worried about and I can almost guarantee it has little to nothing to do with human life. Unless it will make them money.

So, instead of sharing one sided ideas that are just separating us more, how about sharing any good you see people doing? Good that you are doing? Did you tell someone that looked sad today that it’s going to be okay? Did you ask that friend that is struggling if they need to talk? Did you look at that homeless person and at least say hi like they are an actual human being? Know someone with a mental illness? Did you try to get them help? Know someone with depression, on the edge of breaking down? Did you show them love and let them know it can be okay?

A lot of rhetorical questions, but I think we get the point. And they all might seem like little things but we have to keep doing them until they outweigh the bad.  Start a domino effect, you might not even see your own results but they will be out there.

& if you still feel the need to get your political belief out there..because honestly, yes, there needs to be some changes in America..write your local government, set up a peaceful rally, go to local meetings and work your way up.



Women Who Inspire (Take 3)

Check out queenconsultations! From building her business as a mother to helping out young women who need it most..



What inspires you?

Innovation! Creativity. As a single mother and business owner I’ve discovered firsthand that necessity breeds invention. I was often forced to get innovative in my approach and execution because my resources, time, or energy were limited.  Being forced to create opportunities for myself and small business owners and organizations has definitely been my inspiration behind creating my consulting business and non profit.   Most of my clients have created products or services that fill a need they personally were affected by and in turn help a multitude of others.


I’ve faced a lot of struggles starting off. I was seriously learning as I went. There wasn’t a big budget I could pull from like my former corporate positions so it was important to think outside the box to make things happen.


I had to trial and error a lot and the biggest lesson I’ve learned is to have a plan! I know it sounds obvious, but having a detailed plan of your expectations and execution plans is essential to building your business. As a single mother I literally have no time to waste, and balancing my son’s needs versus my business goals got daunting. So I plan out my day, week, and month to the hour. As it doesn’t always go as planned but it helps when it’s time to see where your time and money is going and re execute, re-evaluate, and gauge what’s working and what’s not.


My biggest accomplishment outside of my son is celebrating my anniversary of leaving Chick Fil A corporate and starting my own business. It’s the best decision I’ve ever made and no matter how difficult things get, doing what I absolutely love for amazing people has been a blessing and made it feel nothing like work. The other would be starting the Sisters Speak youth mentorship program that focuses on helping at risk teen girls facing homelessness or displacement find opportunities and resources they are typically not afforded. It brings me joy to help others and provide hope for people where I once was.


This year my goal is to grow my business and travel to speak to young women about optimizing their opportunities and creating lanes for themselves where one exist. I am currently creating an ounce direct shopping platform for startups and new businesses and product developers to get in front of their large target audience and connect with investors they may not typically have access to. I also hope to begin expanding our programming to help more young women in other areas facing obstacles we can assist with.


I’m super excited about this year and looking forward to helping entrepreneurs grow their business development their products and create legacies.


Check out queenconsultations on Instagram: @queenconsultations

Goodness to Drip From My Veins

There is so much good in the world. Is this what is in the media or what people talk about the most? No. People can so easily thrive and run off of negativity.

But life is too short to live that way. I want to spread love when it is running thin. I want to find the good in others when it is hard. I want to find the good things when it could be so easy to find the bad. Is this an easy thing to always do? No, but practicing the mindset is beautiful and eye opening.

What is one thing (or more) that made you happy today?

Who else is with me?
Spread the word!



Women Who Inspire (Take Two)

Ever felt like you just aren’t matching up to that girl that is getting  hundreds and hundreds of likes on Instagram? Ever looked to your friends and just felt like you aren’t where you want to be yet?

They have been through the tough part, just as you will. Check out this lady that is an inspiration to keep going!



“The list of things that inspire me are endless! I think the biggest thing is probably nature because I’m constantly in awe at the shape of a cloud, a sunset or tiny insect.”

“Some struggles I have had to overcome in real life and in the business world is to not compare yourself to others. Social media can make things seem so competitive but if you stay focused on yourself and your goals nothing can stand in your way. Learn to appreciate your uniqueness.”

“My biggest accomplishment is earning my degree in graphic design and advertising. It was a lot of work and a lot of sleepless nights. I remember kissing my degree every night before bed for like a week after graduation.”

“I’ve set a lot of goals for myself this year but the main one is to gain more of a following on my Instagram account and continue to earn money doing what I love.”

Find Summer & Gold on Instagram at @summer_and_gold She has anything from pillows to coffee mugs!

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Don’t Wake Me

A love that is too good to be true. A love you never want to wake up from. It is possible to have this sort of love wide awake.

Don’t let if pass you by and don’t pinch yourself. By that I mean don’t create reasons in your head why it can’t work because it is too good. Soak it in. You deserve happiness and if it doesn’t work out, well you won’t know until it happens. So, don’t rush the pain or put it on yourself unnecessarily.